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Experienced in Dutch - Chinese interpreting

We speak legalese and can help you at the notary’s office.

Owner Mandy He's experience includes:

  Over 28 years of interpreting (Dutch - Chinese)

  Over 24,000 hours of interpreting from and to Chinese

  Over € 41,000,000 worth of transfer deeds at several notary offices

  Hundreds of hours of court interpreting (Dutch - Chinese)

LBS also has a network of highly experienced and competent interpreters.

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Nederlands <--> Chinees tolken in rechtbank

Dutch - Chinese
court interpreters

We’ve interpreted in court hundreds of times and are specialised in criminal law.

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Chinees tolken

Non-sworn interpreting services

Over 28 years of interpreting experience with more than 24,000 hours of interpreting experience.

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Nederlands <--> Chinees Tolken bij de notaris

Interpreter Chinese at the notary’s office

Notaries regularly call upon us to interpret the transfer of deeds. Our sworn interpreters are very experienced.

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